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POLITICAL SPEECHES  18.02.2012 16:09

What speech would you make if you were the President of Russia?

You can read some speeches made by LENDA's teachers:

Natalia  Ilyasova

Dear fellow citizens,

The main issues I'm going to speak about today are welfare, healthcare, education and economics.

The priority area I'll be looking at is welfare. I'm sorry to say that our government has  been neglecting its citizens and their needs for ages. It's high time we took some action. We have to fix our welfare system. What people really need is social security. Our primary task is to get young people into work and provide an adequate salary, those who are retired or disabled should get worthy benefits. Taxation rates are to be set according to people's income.

 We also need to boost self-employment and enterprise. My priority is to encourage people to run their own businesses as well as provide sufficient employment at state factories, research institutes and other establishments.  My motto is "No more brain drain!". There are so many talented scientists and inventors in Russia that they could make this country the most powerful and prosperous one in the world.  All we have to do is to create proper conditions for them and to provide them with necessary help and support. Regarding this issue I can't but mention education. We must do everything in our power to revive and strengthen Russian educational system which we've always been proud of, but which is being recklessly ruined now. Copying western models isn't going to cut it any more as they proved to be a failure and by no means should be applied to Russia. No tuition fees should be charged at school and university. Let me remind you all that the right to free education is entitled in our Constitution. I say to you today we are to respect the laws, follow the rules and strengthen responsibility in our society. 

Mass media might help us to do it and improve the community we live in as their  primary task has always been to mould people's views and outlook. Unfortunately, nowadays we lack good informative and educational programs on our radio and TV. Instilling the traditional Russian values is the only way to stop moral decline and bad behaviour. We should foster pride in Russian prominent people and their achievements.

Being fit is no less important than moral health. We have to develop national medicine and medical equipment industries, to say nothing of building more hospitals and local clinics where people can get free checkup, consulting and treatment without wasting their precious time and health in endless queues.

National economics is another matter worth my attention. The priority is to develop national industries, preserve and exploit Russia's natural resources and raw materials reasonably and encourage farmers to develop agriculture.

It goes without saying that we have to reinforce the Russian army, air-force and navy.

However, the very first step I'm going to take is to dismiss the current top ministers and form a new team. We have to get rid of those corrupted officials who didn't lift a finger to make our country prosper, of those scoundrels who robbed the state and became rich at the expense of others. Parasites in Russia have no future!

I do understand that all the problems we're facing these days have deep roots and there's a long way to go before we improve the situation considerably, but we have to act and act quickly. We need the wind of change.

But let me be clear. It's not a job only for the President and the government. We must act together as a united people. We all have a stake in making our life better.

Thank you for your attention.


Alla Kazakova

Ladies and gentlemen,

Nowadays our country is at the beginning of a new century. Twenty years of transformation have shown that the economical development was slow and difficult. Many economical crises questioned whether the selected course was right. We've been moving forward without knowing where to go and what's the image of our "desirable tomorrow". We should understand that Russia is at the crossroads and choose the right way to pull through. We should turn Russia into a modern country and prevent it from lagging behind..

We are the country with rich culture. We are the people with an incredible moral spirit, what years of revolutions and wars have proved. We should be more aware of what country we want to see in the near future and look forward to a new jerk of modernization. The question is whether we are able to face this challenge and take immediate action.

If we want to see Russia as a country of welfare and spiritual values, as a country of justice and dignity, morals and understanding, we must create a new society, where the most important source of development isn't raw materials but creative abilities of an individual, his energy and initiative. The development of the country must be guaranteed by freedom and law. Only this way can satisfy the ambitions of the country.

Let's become more confident, more creative and independent. Let's cultivate critical and rational thinking and the ability of real perception. This country is ours, as it's declared in the constitution.


Anna Lazareva

I'm the greatest! I'm the right one to be the president. If you vote for me, I promise you'll forget what lie is. No one will treat you as a flock of idiots. You'll hear no more verbiage.  You'll taste freedom and justice. You won't be judged by the number of diplomas or your nationality or your background but by the content of your character. Decency and honesty will be the first merits.  Oh, and "fear"! In a ten-year time you'll ask " fear"? What is it? I've never known what fear is.

So, don't forget to vote for me on the 4th of March. My number is ....


Vasilisa Krylova

It seems to have become a political tradition in our country to give promises when a need for national support arises, and to consign them to oblivion as soon as there is no need in support any more. I believe this very problem is the greatest challenge these days. If we say we live in democracy, we should think of what democracy is all about. For democracy means, in the first place, mutual confidence, while confidence means responsibility. I ask myself, what our country is going to be, if politicians still live for their own prosperity and the people are absorbed in their every-day chores. A disintegrated nation can't be of a true greatness, as well as a society without trust to its government can't be prosperous.

Margaret Thatcher said there were two great challenges of the time - the moral and the political challenge. I would say there is only one, the moral one. Why should we separate politics from morality?

I have heard from some of my friends that they don't feel safe in today's Russia, and I keep asking myself - why?

I think the key word is 'respect'. I have a dream that one day we will live in a state where the government respects the people, and the people respect their government. In a state where everyone has self-respect as well...

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