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General information

Groups are formed according to the results of the placement test.

Monthly assessment tests are given to monitor your progress and identify problem areas in your Russian if your course is longer than one month. This helps us adjust the curriculum for the following month to your specific needs.

The schedule can be Standard (6 hours a week) or Intensive (20 hours a week). One academic hour lasts 45 minutes. Minimal course duration is one month (24 hours) for Standard course and two weeks for Intensive course. Any course can be complemented by a Special Interest Course of your choice.

The complete list of Special Interest Courses available is given below.

Group tuition

The tuition fee is 180 euros per week (20 academic hours). 

One-to-one tuition

Number of students

Less than 50 ac.hours


Over  50 ac.hours









General Russian

The course has been designed to bring students from beginner to advanced level. Each level includes Grammar, Vocabulary, Phonetics and all aspects of speech activities such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. The main emphasis is placed on developing speaking and listening skills.

Survival Russian

This course will provide you with communication and behavioral skills essential to feel confident in the street, on public transport, in a shop or a restaurant and in other everyday situations. The syllabus covers:

The course includes 80 academic hours of instruction. Explanations are given in English.

Tailor-made Courses

We provide courses by special arrangement to meet the needs of any kind of learner: corporate or individual. They may be targeted at any required element of instruction in specialized Russian for academic, business or professional purposes.

Special interested courses of your choice may be combined with the General Russian program.

Your course can begin and end at any time throughout the year. Duration and intensity depends on your individual needs.

Detailed proposals and quotations are prepared on request.

Teacher Training Course

This course is designed for non-native speakers of Russian to help them familiarize with up-to-date teaching methodology and improve their command of Russian. The course also provides the possibility of developing their insight into the Russian culture.

Participation in this course can be an opportunity for the teachers to share ideas and experiencesas well as to establish professional contact.

The course includes attending Russian lessons taught by LENDA's teachers and supervised teaching practice in a group of students.

If you are a Russian teacher willing to travel to Russia with a group of students please visitour agents' corner and find out how to arrange the most beneficial trip for yourself and your students.

Summer Course

This course achieves a perfect blend of study and recreation - 20 Russian language lessons per week with the addition of comprehensive program of excursions (in your mother tongue or in Russian) and social activities (parties, boat trips, films, visits to the theater etc.).

Combined studies of Russian and other languages

To double the effect of your visit to Russia you can combine two language classes i.e. Russian and English or Finnish or German or Spanish.

Please contact us immediately to find out more about this opportunity.

Special Interest Courses

- Russian phonetics

- Russian grammar

- Russian conversation

- Russian culture through the language

- TORFL (Test of Russian as a foreign language) preparation

- Russian for business

- Theory and practice of translation

- Russian film

- Russian fairy-tales

- Russian Literature (Ancient Literature, 18th century Literature, 19th century Literature, 20th century Literature)

- Russian Orthodoxy

- Ancient Russian

- Church Slavic.

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