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Our summer course is designed for students who wish to improve their language ability in a limited period of time and at the same time enjoy an exciting holiday in Saint Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia. Russian language studies are combined with organized excursions and social activities to provide the perfect blend of study and recreation.

The tuition fee is 180 euro per week (20 academic hours).

Your course

If most of your studies up to now have been restricted to course books and notebooks and you feel that it is time to really use what you have learned, then this is the course for you!

Your lessons will concentrate on developing speaking and understanding skills in a lively and entertaining way. The entry test will help us identify the problem areas of your group to discuss during the course.

Whether you need Russian as a student or in your work this course will help you improve fluency, increase vocabulary and build up confidence. Through review and expansion of difficult areas in Russian grammar you will perfect your accuracy.

The syllabus covers the following topics: greetings and introductions, questions to a stranger, self and family, telephone communication, human relationships, education, work etc.

Special work on the etiquette in common social situations is an important feature of every course we offer.

Your Social Program

Our Summer Program along with the Russian studies offers you scheduled cultural and social activities both during the day and in the evening. It includes visits to local tourist attractions famous all over the world, film evenings with a choice of recent and popular old feature films and cartoons, sing-song parties where you can learn a Russian song, you can be invited to perform a song or a dance from your country and possibly even cook a traditional dish for everyone to taste! Visit of a stranger can be a memorable experience too as you will have to talk to the guest we invited to meet you and apply the newly acquired speaking skills to find out as much as possible about him/her.

The Benefits

Though your course is short, it will offer you a wide range of activities to ensure you extend your ability to deal with a variety of situations in Russian. You will meet a challenge of learning Russian and living in a new culture. This experience will give you an insight into the Russian culture and the Russian people.

On completion of your course you will receive a certificate of studies indicating your level of achievement.

You will make new friends and have an enjoyable and fulfilling holiday!

You will feel supported by our caring and helpful staff every minute of you stay with LENDA.

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